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Jim O'Shea: Ways Out of No Way

Jim O'Shea: Ways Out of No Way
Fr. Jim O'Shea acknowledges the pain of the abuse within the Church as expressed by those who suffered and he knows that full atonement and transparency is critical. At the same time, Fr. O'Shea offers some practical steps that should be taken by the Pope to create real changes in the underlying structure which must be faced to effect permanent changes.

Fr. Jim O'Oshea and Reconnect Brooklyn

Fr. Jim O'Shea and Reconnect Brooklyn
Reconnect "began on a violence-drenched corner" of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New . Its goal is to create "an entry level economy for young men looking to change the course of their lives. Our mission is to offer employment that leads to renewed engagement of education, training and commitment to community leadership and service."

For Difficult Times, Courageous Choice

Passionist Statement - Solidarity with immigrants
At the meeting of the Passionist Inter-provincial Councils, held at Holy Name Retreat Center, Houston, Texas, from February 20-24, 2017, we have had the opportunity to examine more closely the way that our immigrant brothers and sisters suffer the annihilating effects of present policies. We recognize that there are millions of persons, not a faceless mass, but real men and women, especially young adults, who are suffering under deportation, and other millions who because they are Hispanic and Catholic in the U.S.A., are in subsistence circumstances, living in fear and uncertainty for their futures.
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